I went to Lamar for the Lamar Days Rod Run. It started with the No Booze Cruise Poker Run to benefit the Lamar Fire Dept. Even with the cold damp weather 79 cars and motorcycles made the run. After the run we went back to Ron and Lonna's shop for sandwiches and a few laughs. I want thank Elmer Grett for supplying the food, it was great. If you have the chance to come to the poker run next year you won't be disappointed.

r Club Meeting: November 12th - 6:30pm

Rick Pelton's Shop

We would love to have you attend. Potluck dish (Deli Sandwiches). BYOB.

  • I went to St Francis for their Saturday In The Park car show. It was an a struggle to get there as I had starter issues on the Chevelle, but after a quick run back home for repairs I made the show early Saturday morning. I was joined by the usual group as Jack Arnold, Sharp's, Raile's and two sets of Bolen's and a late showing Kenny Poe. The number of cars was down a little but their was several Graduations around different towns on the same day. We had a good time with the usual pranks and Ricky Morgans grandson Tray took over the skunk controls for the day. He did a great job as we had to replace the battery a lot. The weather started off windy but after a while it went down and turned into a nice day. The club did a great job of making sure everyone had a great time and if you ever have a chance check out their show, you won't be sad that you did. When the awards came around Kent started telling about the 60 plus scholarships and the other things they do with the money they raise. Also they introduced the new members, one is a junior high student the others are young and that is good to see. They are the future of this activity and the clubs need them to continue. The Club gave a special gift to Scott & Nancy Schulttes for all they have done and continue to do. Was a picture of a couple old gas pumps that Scott ended up with and was very nice. After the show I went up to the Shulttes for Pizza and a good time with Rich & Beth from Sidney( I think that we was 12ft. BETH) inside joke, the best of show winners with their Mec. the Banker from Norton was there as well a famous HA and several other good friends. All total there was seven HA's so it was a good showing there( You just never know where we will be next). We will make the trip again next year I hope to see you there. And don't be worried a quiet spoken person once again left his mark when he left in a little red car. Thanks again to the Cheyenne County Cruisers for a great time and everyone needs to make the drive to check out the Motorcycle Museum, you will be amazed as they did a awesome job putting it together. I heard today that most likely we won't be pushing a car in a trailer as the other car with starter issues turned out not to be the starter (glad the driver doesn't weigh much or would had get bigger run at the trailer). A big thanks goes to Kent Kechter for the pictures.

Went to Sharon Springs on the 6th, they had over 65 cars and bikes over all. The weather was great and we got lucky the wind didn't get crazy. We had they usual group of people with four HA's making the trip. The skunk made the trip and surprised a few people and several kids wanted to play with him. There was a car that leaked water on some people but the best was when a young boy bent down to check it out and got it in the face. After the show was over Bruce Bolen lead a parade of most of the cars by the Nursing Home so they could see the cars. It was nice when you drove in the parking lot there was a lot of them waiting to see all the cars. They liked the look of the cars and the sound of some of them really surprised them I think. I know its hard to believe that a certain red car maintained and didn't leave his mark on the streets of Sharon Springs.

Last Sat. I went to Leoti for their Wind & Wheels Celebration. It was a small show with around 25 cars. The day started a little windy but by end of the show it wasn't to bad. They canceled most of the wind celebration but they managed to get a few kites up. There was some nice cars there and it was good to see and visit with everyone. Jerome won his class with his custom Challenger, Jack won with his street rod, Jay and Amy won the pickup class and Randy and Shirley squeaked out the rat rod trophy.

Saturday morning started off really cold. I went out early to wash the Chevelle before the show and there was frost on everything. The cars started showing up that morning and just kept trickling in till they ended up with around 100 cars and bikes total, what a turnout for the weather. By noon it was a perfect day for a car show. When the Parade was over the crowd just exploded. The number of people that come out to look at the cars is just amazing. They really check every car over and ask a lot of questions plus give a lot of praise for the hard work. Once again they had to be careful because a couple cars sprung leaks again. The skunk had to take the day off as he wouldn't back up. Don't worry he should be ready to go by the next show. The blow up truck didn't last very long but for a vehicle that hadn't ran for 11 years it did good. After the awards got handed out the car owners were treated to a BBQ diner free of charge and I wanted Lucky's BBQ know it was good. If you are planning on trying a new show to go to you won't find a better show anywhere. The crowd and quality of cars are in my opinion one of the best you will ever see. Thank you Ron and Lonna for a great time.

Cheyenne Wells Car Club

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