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19th Annual Yellow Brick Road Car Show

Lamar Day Rod Run

Wallace County Cruisers

Beth and I along with Ed and Sandy made the trip to Oakley for the Tri County Cruisers show. The weather wasn't the best as the wind blew a lot harder than the forecast we had seen. It didn't seem to effect the numbers to much as they had around 65 cars and pickups. The number of towns people checking out the cars was good to see, they have good support from them. It was good to see several old freinds for the first time this year and several of the regulars. Roger, Randel, Tracy and Relda made the trip over and was nice to see them and catch up on how they are doing. I was glad to see Rex from Scott City has made almost a full recovery from his broken leg and to see Doc who is Rex's angel as he came up on him when he fell. I counted up 5 Horsesasses which was most likely all that they could handle or stand depending on the day! Once again the skunk made the trip and was able to scare some people. Their was one young lady that had a short memory as he spooked her three times, boy she could give a dirty look. There was one youngster that tried here best to wear him out but with no luck as we keep extra batteries ready for him. I will have a picture of her below, she is a character with huge dimples and has ability to roll her eyes I'm guessing from her Grandmother. Yes Sheila, Ava had to learn that from you because her mother wouldn't do that. There were a lot of cars there that I have never seen, was a sweet 55 Chevy that I would love to have but couldn't work a deal as he wanted to much money even with offering Beth as a trade. Next to him was a Camaro with more flakes in the paint job than you will find in Califonia or Denver take your pick. I bet the tip on the paint gun was shot when they finished painting it. The threat of weather coming forced them to move the awards up so everyone could beat the weather home. Most of the gang placed top 25 with Mark and Sheila once again the big winners with not only top 25 but Pickers Choice for their 64 Plymouth Sport Fury. The Vonleonrod's do have some of the nicests cars you will find, be sure and come to Dighton so you can see for yourself. Once again we had a great time and hope to see everyone at Dighton, KS for the Lane County Cruisers June 16th. Not sure if the flier is Central or Mountain time, kind of an inside joke. Sorry Mark and Sheila but it was funny!

19th Annual Lane Co. Cruise In

Saturday we made the trip to Sharon Springs for our first show of the year. The weather started off foggy but it burned off and was a great day. They had around 55 cars and bikes With Jay and Amy Sharp taking home Best of show. I couldn't of agreed more with the choice as it is a slick pickup. It was good to get together with all the old friends from the past. The Scholarship winner was Braylee Aldridge from Weskan. After the show the car owners cruised by the nursing home so the people could see all the nice cars. When we finished about 20 of us went the Jay and Amy's for some great snacks and good conversation. Well maybe just great snacks and conversation! The soft spoken Chevelle owner may or may not of left his trademark when he left but he was seen smiling when he left town. Next show is St. Francis and Liberal. We are going to Liberal because we have never been their before and someone probably should keep track of Jake.

Marie's Choice

We made the trip to Tribune KS for their June Jaunt Car Show. First thing I would like to thank the ladies that did a great job of putting on the show. It's to bad that they don't get very many cars and not a lot of the town's people stop by but they kept smiling and making sure the owners are having a good time. I'm not sure who started the gag gifts years ago but they just seemed to be everywhere this weekend. There were t-shirts and gag gifts being passed out like the world was coming to an end. Jake, Jack and yours truly receiving shirts and then some of us getting a box of different very helpful things that could of been handy but the boxes were empty. I was so disapointed that I had to turn to Bloody Mary's to make it threw. The usual group sat around and visited and joked and all together had a fun time. Rhonda was in top form as usual with her smile and crazy ideas. If your ever at a show and are bored find her and you will be laughing in no time. Mark and Sheila did their fair share of causing mischief but I think it was caused by those shoes. I think if they studied them they might have the same effect as those mushrooms that Jake is going to have put on his pizza next time he's in Denver! And El was acting innocent with the bag she handed out but she forgot they make shirts in her size also. When the awards came around Brian and Edna walked away with three awards. Ron wrapped up two with the Nash and now they can see him with his new LED taillights! El won kids choice and didn't even have her car in the show but she gave it to Jack so he didn't feel so bad about his new shirt. Once again Jay and Amy walked away with Best of Show, I think they would of won the boat class also but they didn't have that class this year. I heard that the soft spoken one might of left his mark when he left. I think they are mistaken as he never gets over 2500rpm I hear. After the show we went back to Arnold's for some great snacks and maybe a beer or two, thanks Jack and El. They want to try and keep their show alive so I want to wish the lady's luck and maybe we will see more cars next year.

Tribune June Jaunt Car Show

Tri County Cruisers Oakley, KS

We lost a wonderful lady earlier this year. Her husband Dennis and daughter Shelly and Shelly's family picked Dennis Frick's street rod as Marie's Choice. Later I was talking to Dennis and found another reason that made the pick perfect. It wasn't the same without her but I bet she was smiling down on us from above. She may be gone but will always be in our hearts and will never be forgotten. You are truly missed!

Once again Ron and Lonna along with their family and volunteers put on a great show. It kicked off Friday night with the No Booze Cruise and a lot of wind but that didn't keep record number of cars and bikes from taking to the streets. The winner collected $655 for the night but gave $520 back since the money raised goes to the July 4th fireworks.

Saturday morning turned out awesome with lots of sun and very little wind. The turn out was great with 97 cars and 22 bikes making the show. We where missing a special lady and her beautiful smile but she was with us and maybe she had little something to do with the weather. There was four 57 Chevy's which was the most I've seen at any show I've been to With Dennis Buhrer taking home Best of Show with his 57 Chevy. It took him and Marie 18 years from the time they started till they finished the car. The most amazing part is they did all the work themselves and stayed married. Once again the community came out in full force to look and also talk and ask questions about the cars. I think for the size of town this show has more people enjoying the cars than any show. The cooks out did themselves as they had enough prizes that everyone got atleast one giveaway prize and several getting two. After the awards instead of putting on a meal they gave out quite a few envelopes of cash which people always like. Our normal group had a lot of fun with a few gifts being given out. Sheila got some ugly shoes again while Beth got some socks and I got a shirt that really didn't seem to apply to me but I enjoyed it anyway. The best thing that happened was when a sweet child told Jack that his car was purple. Once again "out of the mouth of babes Jack". Was good to see the Chuck and Dee Gills made the trip from Garden City. Missing was Kenny Snow as Jackie is going threw some tough times. Everybody's thoughts and prayers are with you guys. If you have never been to Lamar Days your missing out and should come see what it's about. When the show was over the quiet spoken one might of let everyone know he was leaving or not. Mark and Shiela might know what I mean as they had a front row seat.

The first thing I have to say is if you care and work you butt off you can have one hell of a show. Mark and Sheila this is for you, awesome! You put on a great show but then the Kids along with you put a lot of work into the gathering after the show. From the last few years to this what a turn around. I would like to think it was the music but then Dan and Dustin would say it was the job they did of announcing or Cory's parking job so will leave the success to Mark and Sheila. From the number of cars to the amount of people mostly Scott City playing the games was great. A number of people came to check out the cars from Dighton and that was good to see. Again thank you and awesome job, maybe Simply Sheilas can start doing car shows! Hell yea I'm there. But seriously there was a lot of great cars with Amie yes Amie Sharp winning Best of Show, sorry I voted for Ike! But we love you Jay and it's a nice pickup and if it would smoke the tires I'm down but till then watch the wake! Next once again a few gifts made it around which I'm happy to say are a lot of fun and show what great friends we have. Ikenberry showed with his latest car and wow, the paint, stance and over all class is over the top. The word got out as there was several cars I've never seen. Was good to see Jake had his 37 out, I was worried he had to sell it. Once again a young lady told Jack his car was purple but he still won't face the facts. I'm not sure how long it will take to return to normal as there was 9 Horsesasses there. The skunk made the trip and scared a few people as usual but then the kids wore him out. Sorry no pictures of Ava this time. Hope I don't get any calls when a kid brings home a stray black cat. After the show there was a few cars that cleaned out their pipes trying to keep up with a white 58 Chevy. From there we went to the Vonleonrods house for some awesome snacks and beer plus some laughs. When we left Mike made us go to the Blue Bird with him. We must of hit there on the cleaning day because we kind of liked it. There is a bar in Denver we visit from time to time that could be worse, I guess we are used to upholstery repair kits that come in a roll like some grey tapes! Lets make the 20th even bigger than this years, see you there.

One Friday Beth & I met up with Jake and headed for Liberal for the show. We hit rain just out of Scott City and it finally quit just before Liberal. The cars didn't look to good as they hiway was pretty nasty in one place. We have drove the Chevelle in lot worse than this like several years ago when packed my headers full of mud. We got to Billy's AYR Lanes where they have a BBQ and a Dance for everyone. We sat with a nice couple from Lincoln NE at the BBQ. The food was good buy the band if you ask me needed more practice and less volume. Every band member was dressed as a Celebrity ranging from Dorothy to Slash. Finally got Beth to think was time go to the Motel because my ears started to bleed from the music! Saturday we gave the Chevelle a bath and tried a ceramic coating on the paint when we finished and it sure made it shine. The day started cool and mostly cloudy but around noon the sun came out for good and was a nice day. The cars were a wide selection with something for everyone. The skunk had fun with a few people but the grass was so thick and tall he had a hard time. Liberal was over run with HA's but they seemed to handle it very well. We parked with the Brooks Brothers and it was amazing how many stopped by say they couldn't believe they let them in. There was a lot of other things said but I was told one time if I could say anything nice, something, something don't remember. A friend from CW stopped by for a while, was good see him. They said was 275 cars register and 224 showed up for the show, not sure didn't seem like that many. Planning on going again as next year they are going to honor Vets and First Responders.

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