We went to St. Francis Saturday for the Saturday in the park car show. The weather wasn't very good but we made it and had a great time. The Cruisers had a great turnout for the weather they had, I don't know the final number but would say all total they had around eighty entries. The club has several new younger members and that is good to see because without mew members shows will struggle. They had a burnout pit, motorcycle rodeo and tractor rodeo to go along with the show. It was good to see some new cars come to a local show, was a sweet Bronco from Arvada and a nice 63 Impala that won Best of Show from North Platte and Mike Possom had his little black coupe. All three cars could of won Best of Show at any show no matter how many cars are there (pictures of all three are below). Was to cold out for the skunk but we had fun visiting with people about the cars and with some old friends we haven't seen in long time. It was good to see that the values of property in St. Francis will be higher as 5 horsesasses made the trip and as usual there was lot of story telling and good times. We went down and checked out the motorcycle museum and was very impressed, they have 118 rare bikes in there now and growing. I would hate to think about value of some of the bikes, we was told that a frame for a bike sold not long ago for $45,000 and they have a complete bike not just the frame. If you like bikes or just some awesome history I think you won't find a better place than St. Francis and their Museum. Make a day trip and check it out because they have put a great place for everybody to visit and see things that most people don't have on display. Congrats to Cheyenne County Cruisers for another great show and hope to see you there next year. A certain red car left his mark when he went home, might have to start a go fund me to buy him a set of tires.

r Club Meeting: November 12th - 6:30pm

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We would love to have you attend. Potluck dish (Deli Sandwiches). BYOB.

Cheyenne Wells Car Club

Lamar Days Rod Run

First I want to congratulate Ron & Lonna on a great show. With the weather being not very good for a show they had a great turn out. Second two new HA's got crowned as Jay & Amy Sharp's life's have been changed for ever. I'm not sure but possible there may have been the most HAs at a show in Colo. in history. The weekend started on a sour note when the sky opened up Friday night at the no booze cruise. After the weather cleared and was clear to continue most everybody returned to enjoy the cruise to raise funds for the Fire Dept. Charlie Cook had the best hand and showed a lot of class as he donated the winnings back (he is pictures below in a Fox shirt). After the cruise Friday night we went to the Cook's shop for some sandwiches and good conversation. The kids showed up later with burgers from BJs Burgers, they say you have to eat there when in Lamar so i will give them a try next time. The group was a mix of the Cook Families and some good friends enjoying some stories and a lot of laughter.Then Saturday started cold and rainy but it dried out and the cars showed up. With 83 cars and 26 bikes it was a great show. The clouds gave way to sun and soon the crowd showed up to check out the cars. I want to say this has to be the best town to take your car for a show as the town really turns out to see the cars. The cars ranged from the 1920's to present and wild one of a kinds to original classics. Along with the usual events of the show the Cook's passed around a get well card for a terrific lady that is a little under the weather showing that the people that love to show cars are really a family (we miss you El). The blow up car lasted a lot longer than last year but at 53 seconds it didn't take long to die. After the awards were handed out all the car owners are treated to a BBQ meal, they had sausage, brisket and pork tenderloin to go with all the sides. Once again I want to thank the Cook's for a great weekend and hope to see everybody next year.

Saturday In The Park

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