On the 15th we made our way to the Clarion in Garden City for the first Cruise In of the year. We was in good hands as Jake led the way from Scott City so we wouldn't end up doing something crazy on the way. That was best because some of the people can't behave all the time. We got to Garden City and was met by Phil from Scott City selling raffle tickets for a 65 Mustang Convertible. Not sure how it all worked but what ever club the winning ticket is sold threw gets the money for their community. Very cool and good luck to the clubs. Rick and Bonnie Knowle organized this gathering and did a great job setting it up with the Clarion in Garden. There was around 32 people showed up for the gathering which for the time of year was a great turn out. Only problem is we should of slid the tables together so would of visited with everyone and not just our little groups. We will have to try do that because this always happens. Still was awesome over all and a good first cruise. The next cruise is set for Dec.3rd in Eads at 11:00 am mdt. There is small bar on the east side of town that will be the spot. Will have more info later. Again thank you to Rick and Bonnie Knowle for the hard work.

We went to the Lake Scott Rod Run. We met up at Arnolds on the way, along the way we stopped in Leoti at Charlies for Diner and a laugh or two. Not sure the place will ever be the same as someone snuck a noise machine in and put it under somebodys chair. Well lets just say it was a tear filled moment at times. It was a sign of things to come. When we got setup at the park Saturday morning events were set into motion. Some fake dog poop made its way around a very quiet persons car along with a remote control skunk, couple cars that kept leaking on people and the same machine that made its way in to Charlies. A lot of people fell victim to the merry pranksters but they laughed, screamed, jumped and yes said few bad words (a certain person knows who I mean). I kept Watching and the cars and pickups kept coming in, by the time they stopped the final number was 159. Wow for a year when most shows numbers were down they should be happy. The must be treating everyone very good because there was a lot of cars I have never seen and a lot of old friends and there very impressive cars. The new club president did a great job making sure everybody was enjoying themselves and had plenty of nice gifts for the car owners. I want congratulate Phil and the rest of the Lake Scott Car Club on a great show and thank Kenny Snow for the job he did as club President. They will have to work hard to keep getting bigger but I bet they will. The last business to take care of is the crowning of the latest Horsesass, Ron Cook of Lamar was recognized for his many talents and made the latest member. So when you see him next be sure to mention to him that he is truly a HORSESASS.

Went to Wray to the River City Cruisers Show July 30th. They had around 55 cars and bikes total. The quality was amazing a person would be hard pressed to find another show with that many quality cars. The weather was good and in the afternoon a lot of towns people made their way to the park to check them out. The Horsesasses was well represented as Scott, Roger and myself made the trip.

The Lamar Rod Run was a huge success with 85 cars and 32 motorcycles. There was some awesome cars including a sweet little wrecker from Denver. He has a small luggage trailer that pulls with his wife makeup case being the story from him but I don't think it's true. The blow up car continued the trend as it took around 50 minutes to die. Seems like blow up cars just won't die in Lamar. The people of Lamar turned out in huge numbers to look at all the cars which was nice. By far was the most people at any show I have seen this year. Congratulations to Ron & Lona Cook for all the support you get for a great show. Below just a few pictures from the show.

The Colorado Canonball has been postponed till April 2017. The organizer wants try promote it better and try get more pre  registrations before have the race. To find out  more go to coloradocanonball.com or www.facebook.com/coloradocanonball.

Lamar Days Rod Run kicked of Friday Night at Sonic Drive Inn. Their was 115 cars and motorcycles in all for the No Booze Cruise to benefit the Lamar Fire Dept. Was great to see so many come out to support this great cause. Hopefully this will get bigger like the car show. Congratulations to Lamar Police and Fire Departments for a great turnout and safe fund raiser. below are a few pictures from Friday.

Went to the Kiowa County Fair in Eads for their annual car show. Just under 50 of the nicest cars and bikes in the area showed up. Scott City had 11 cars in their caravan including cars from Dighton, Leoti and Tribune. The competition was strong as there was limited awards but everyone seemed to not care about that and had fun like itis suppose to be. The skunk made the trip and put some fear into several people that came to look at the cars. Their was even a car the squirted a few people. A couple that carry guns didn't seem to like it but we sure did. There even was a couple cars from the Denver area there. Even with the small space offered to the group putting on the show it went very smooth. Maybe next year the powers to be will notice that the people enjoy the car show and will offer a bigger space for the show. After the show several went to the Morgans for the annual BBQ they put on. The food and company was great as usual. I want thank Ricky and Bonnie for opening their home and the great food.

I'm finally writing about our show. I was little under the weather for few days but doing better so decided I better do my job or I might get fired. The CW Car Club wants to thank everybody that came this year. Our numbers fell off from the past few years but we had good time and the cars that came was very very nice and the people that came out really liked the quality of them. Again I want to thank everyone that has supported our show over the years because you are what has made it a success for us. Sadly I think it was the last show for us as we don't have the man power or time to continue with it. We have made some great friends over the years and will continue to see everyone at future shows around the area. I will have pictures up at later time as I'm waiting on more pictures. I want that Sheila Von lenrod for sending me the ones she took.

I made the short trip from CW to Basine, KS. Met up with Mark and Sheila in Dighton let me tag along with them. The people put on a nice show with around 65 cars, tractors and motorcycles. Along with the show they have a free lunch with choice of burger or brats with chips and fresh watermelon. They had a traveling skill game for everyone and I found out I don't have much skill, not sure but i would say I came in at or near the bottom. Just before the awards they had a nice touch. Everyone went running when they broke out the Rootbeer Floats. Was a great show and the people were very friendly. The trip home was sure slow for some reason. Mark must had car trouble because he kept slowing down then speeding up.

I went to St. Francis last Saturday for the Cheyenne County Cruisers show. They had 106 cars, tractors and motorcycles in all. The weather was little chiliy but that didn't stop the owners or the people from there from coming out to see all the great cars. Everyone was able to get a sneak peek at the new Motorcycle Museum that they have built down town just west of the courthouse. I would recommend that anyone that wants to see some awesome pieces of history to visit this very nice place. There was 8 Horsesasses on hand which can make some people nervous but they stayed well behaved for the most part. I would like to thank the Club from St. Francis for the great treatment and congratulate them on a great show even with the weather issues. Next up Lamar Rod Run, kicking off 5/20 with No Booze Cruise Poker Run at 6:30 at Sonic Drive In. The proceeds from the Poker Run going to the Lamar Fire Department. Then 5/21 the Rod Run with registration starting at 8:00.

r Club Meeting: November 12th - 6:30pm

Rick Pelton's Shop

We would love to have you attend. Potluck dish (Deli Sandwiches). BYOB.

Cheyenne Wells Car Club

Beth and I went to Ness City for their car show. We went to Dighton on Friday and meet up with Von Leonrods and Saturday all of us met up with Scott City. I think there was 11 cars in the group we met up with by the time we got to Ness City.   When we got there we discovered that the club from Ness had lost a member and the show was in his honor. I didn't know the gentleman but sounded like a great person. I think they had well over 60 cars and bikes which this year is good seem like. Once we got settled in the fun began, Jacks car kept leaking and the skunk followed me to Ness. When the skunk wasn't scaring people it was causing grief for a cat that wandered into the show. He messed with cat for quit a while but the cat decided he had enough and left. It has become a great way to pass the time at shows so people and animals might want be on the look out. The club fed all the car owners before the awards where handed out.

Randy and Shirley put together another cruise in at Crazy R's in Goodland and as in the past they did a great job. They had a few gifts for everyone and it was so sweet there was even some gifts that made sure we took care of ourselves. Sorry Randy but I don't like Chicken noodle shoup. It was a fun time and we even had the Cooks drive as far as from Lamar to have fun. I'm sorry I don't have any picture but at my age it's amazing I can get this much done. Only fourteen of us made it but that was all that was needed with this group to have a good time. It will be interesting to see what comes out of these jokesters cars when the shows start. The weather started off kind of questionable with fog and damp roads but Bruce showed us that know matter what its nice enough to drive our classics as him and his lovely wife was the only ones to get there car out so next time I will do better. Thanks again to Randy and Shirley for putting on a great afternoon of fun.

`48 Car Owners came to the Wallace County Cruisers Show Sat. They braved a couple weather scares but luck kept the storms away. Kenny Poe from Sharon Springs was the big winner as he was the clubs choice for best of show. Congratulations from the CW Car Club for his award, was well deserved. There was a lot of nice cars, Bryan and Edna Bowlen had their very nice custom 70 Cuda there and Carleton Pelton had his new 62 Impala there also. I have a few pictures below but not many. Hope to see everyone at the Cheyenne County Cruisers show in St. Francis on the 13th&14th.

Dec. 3rd several people made their way to Eads for the second Cruise In. The Morgans and A.J. McCracken organized the lunch and it a heck of a spread, the owners of the Wind Mill Bar out did themselves. They put on the best meal to date and I have been to every cruise we have had so I would know (plus if you have seen me I know food). They had a few games as you can see the latest Hoursesass isn't dancing in the picture below he was trying to knock balls out of a box tied to his back. Another game was to guess the year of 8 cars by looking at the taillights. Was amazing how someone could jack that game up but it happened. It was a small group but we had great time visiting and enjoying the drive. Thanks to the Wind Mill Bar and the Morgan's and A.J.

The next cruise is set for the 25th of Feb. at theTrench in Tribune, KS at 11:00 a.m. at the Trench Bar & Grill. They are having a Mexican Buffet for everyone(there might even be honey if needed). Hope to see everyone there. I will try and do a better job of photography also

Sandy took pictures of the Burlington Chamber of Commerce Car Show. Jay and Amy Sharp, Kenny Poe, Bruce and Emily Bolen, Carleton Pelton and Ed and Sandy Spainhower made the trip to show off their cars. There was 87 cars and pickups to support the Movie Theatre reconstruction project. The one thing I keep hearing from the group that went was they had good time talking with each other and there was some really good food.

I went to the Street Rod Nationals in Pueblo. It kicked off with a BBQ at the lake (don't follow Ron he will get you lost). Was a big turn out even with the rain. Below are the cars of Aubrey Martin, Ricky Morgan, Jack Arnold, Rick Pelton, Charlie Cook, Elmer Rhett and Ron Cook. Jake Brooks was there but at the time of these pictures he was off checking out the Royal Gorge. His street rod rolled over 100,000 miles on his little trip. Everybody had a good time and passed the time seeing how many people could make jump with a remote control skunk. Not real sure who came up with the idea to put a skunk on a remote control car but he must be a horsesass. Ron found the perfect spot to park, had great shade tree and had a lot foot traffic go by. There was some wild cars, one guy put a radial airplane engine in a car then next to that might be a numbers matching car. There was some amazing cars that the workmanship was unbelievable. We worried about Elmers head getting to big to fit in his car but luckily that never happened.

They had their Dam Car Show the afternoon of the fifth at Good Life Marina in Trenton Nebr. Beth and I along with Jay and Amy Sharp and Ed and Sandy Spainhower made the trip and met up with Rat Rod Randy and his wife Shirley. We where joined by Byran and Janette Dickey and Dennis Pelton and his girlfreind. They had 100 cars this year, down from around 130 last year but that didn't stop us from having a great time. We had so much fun I forgot to take any pictures. The show started off slow but by 4 in the afternoon it picked up and was packed with locals and people that went to the lake for the weekend. We had a few pranks to play on the people and that might of led to the lack of pictures. Between the remote control skunk and fart machine plus another prank that I won't say what it was laughter wasn't in short supply. Randy had a special gift for people also that kept everyone on their toes. Not sure who came up with the idea but a fake turd made its way into one of the porta potty stalls, was fun till we checked after someone used it and they threw it in with the rest (I hope that was what they did). Like I said laughter wasn't in short supply, in fact we maybe had to much fun. If Jay and Randy want to sing at your next gathering by all means say no. Mark and Sheila showed up and joined in the fun, If you get chance ask him about the drive up at Subway. I don't think they will be stopping there again. Sorry about the lack of pictures I will work harder at that. Hope to see everyone in the coming weeks, if not at a show this weekend then hopefully Scott City on the 20th-21st.

On June 18th we went to Dighton, KS for their car show. They had to change the date because of issues with trying to schedule it on the usual weekend. They competed with several different shows but did a great job with the new date. The show wasn't as big as they hoped but the way they treated the car owners and now with the new date I'm sure it will grow once again. The weather turned out great as there was some worry that it was going to be really hot. You couldn't of asked for better hosts, Mark von Leonrod took anyone that was interested over to his shop to check out his collection of cars and rare parts, plus the rest of the crew did everything to make sure we all had a good time. I want thank the von Leonod's for the pictures and chance to write about this show. I hope to see a lot more cars next year as you will be hard pressed to find a friendlier group of people. Below are a few pictures from the show.

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