Aug. 1st Ricky Morgan along with Dennis Pelton and myself made our way to Oakley for their annual car show. We met up with Jake, Chuck and Dee at Annie Oakley Park. We got the cars cleaned up and everything setup then sat down and visited about everything that went on Fri night. They said there was live music and a parade of the cars up and down main street. At some point and time they also had a burnout competition, I heard them talking about a black Ford with a 428. Turns out its one of the cars pictured below. The had several games that a person could be part of threw out the day, later they had a poker run. The Cruisers put a pretty good amount of cash in the pot and that gets a lot of the car owners to go on the run. The winning hand was 4 Aces, maybe they better go to Vegas with luck like that. They also had a blow up car, it lasted quite a while before blowing up. I didn't hear what the official time was but it was around 5 minutes or so. It was good to see everyone, with this Covid crap going on so its been a while since I've seen some if them. Was several cars from Scott City and several from the North West Kan Cruisers. There was at least 7 HAs there also. When that many HAs are in one place it can make property values go down, luckily they go back up when we leave. There sure was a lot of really nice cars there this year and like some shows ones you just wonder if they made a trip to Colorado. When it came time for lunch Chuck had one thing and only one thing on him mind. He kept talking about Cow Balls, there must be some special cows out there but I'm not someone that ever argues! The skunk was out and making friends but had a new handler as Dennis Pelton wanted to exercise him. Mr. Stinky ran all over making new friends and scaring some people a little! The awards went off on time because the radar looked pretty safe but right after they finished a cloud popped up. We stopped at Caseys Store and by the time we finished in the store it started raining. By the time we got back to our cars it hit really hard, luckily it ended just west of Oakley. I heard a report of hail in Oakley and around there also. Hopefully know one got their pride and joys damaged on their way home. I hope to see you at Scott City the weekend of the 15th. If your worried about Covid remember you can wear a mask and social distance. Remember its up to you to protect yourself if your at risk.

Beth and I along with Ricky Morgan and my cousin Carleton made our way to Limon and met up with Mark and Sheila, Chuck and Dee and Jake and Jerri. The Vonleonrods and Brooks were joined by some of their children. Dan and Casey along with their children and Jessi and her children joined in the fun. Dan jumped in and maned one of the skunks as now there are two of them to keep people on their toes. Was fun with one but is a lot better with two of them. We got our fair share of people and dogs since they hadn't seen them before. The number of cars was down around 50 but was a lot of people checking out the cars. They had soap box cars also but I didn't hear how many. Chuck turned out to be a fortune teller as he said he was going to win! He was on and in the money as he won $100 for first in his class as did Ricky with his pickup. The rest of us just sat there looking amazing except and I was shocked that Carleton and Mark didn't place. After the show the Gils, Brooks, Vonleonrods along with their children and Beth and I stayed in Limon for the night. Jake swam with the children and they really got kick out of him doing that. The owner was seen draining the pool later that night! All in all was a great time with good friends. The Brooks and Gils stopped in Burlington and checked out Frank Lunds treasures while the rest of us went home. 

As most of you know this picture is of Bonnie Morgan from Eads, Colo. Bonnie passed April 3rd at her home after a long battle with cancer. She along with her husband Ricky could be seen laughing and enjoying themselves at car shows and cruise ins all over Eastern Colo, Western Kans. and the Panhandle of Oklahoma. You will be missed and will live in our hearts. Everyone keep Ricky in your prayers in this tough time as he will need you in the coming days and months.

Ricky along with Jay an Ammie joined Beth and I on the trip to Scott City for the annual Lake Scott Rod Run. We was supposed to meet up with the Lamar group but they had a wild trip to Scott. They broke a fan belt on one of their motorhomes and took over 7 hours to make the 2 hour trip. We did meet up with Vonleonrods at the park and drank few beers and had some good burgers. Saturday morning started out very nice, there was some cloud cover and was very comfortable. But as usual it burned off and got hot like normal. The number of cars was down as expected but they still had over 130 cars so I think it was a great turnout! We had some cars stop by that normally aren't at Scott, Randy Karney showed with his Camaro and Jim and Brenda showed with their 61 Vette. They left early and missed out on the awesome pulled pork and sausage meal that the Club fed us. After the meal they put on the movie in the park that was voted on by the car owners. Hooper beat out Cars 2 and oddly enough it hasn't got better with age. Maybe if we talk to Jake enough he will bring back the awful old movies we came to hate and miss at the same time. Sunday rolled around and that meant awards time. The number of people that came to watch the awards was down from the past but it was nice seeing people show they are sick of staying home. Thanks Lake Scott for the great time but one thing was missing, we lost Jackie Snow a few months ago. She was missed but not forgotten!

Hubcity Classic Car Show Limon

Beth and I along with Ron and Lonna Cook met up in Eads and went to see Ricky tonight. He was there along with his family and was happy to see us. He's grateful for the prayers and the good thoughts being sent his way. The picture above is of his daughter on his right and his son and daughter in law on his left. We had a nice visit and laughed about some past times, Lonna brought up a story about a fart machine at Charlie's in Leoti on the way to Scott. Not to sure who would have a machine like that but bet he is a horsesass! Most likely he has a lot of fun at most shows!

Norton Car Show​

Beth and I made the trip to Norton' Ks on the 11th. When we got there after a struggle with ignition problems it was late the night before the show. We stopped at Mark Griffins house and thought the wolfs were attacking, turns out was just a bunch of crazy people getting the blood out of their alcohol streams! Damn ignition that could of been us! After having a few with them we tried to meet up with Vonleonrod's but was to late by then. Next time we will see them before we go to Griff's. The morning of the show we made our way to the Courthouse and got our spots then headed to the Hill for breakfast. Jake did his best to get a Wet T-shirt contest started but Beth P was to fast for him, would been more of a wet shorts contest, That's why we can't have nice things Jake! We got back to the show and it was starting to fill up with cars, bikes and tractors. The final number was around 80 total. A good number of locals showed to checkout all the cars and for the times it was a good turnout. The skunk was there to surprise a few people and upset one Wiener Dog! The weather was little humid but not real bad. Was good to see everyone again and can't wait for things to get back to normal! After the show we went to the local bar just a block west of the show and cooled down and had a beer. It has a nice little bar ran by a young couple, they have a wide variety of burgers. If your in Norton I suggest checking it out! We had to skip the Board meeting this year but hope to make it next time. Thank you Norton Chamber we had a good time! Hope to see you at Oakley, Ks August 1st. P.S. Beth from Sydney I,m about 180 miles from you! Inside joke!

Cheyenne Wells Car Club

Tri County Cruisers Car Show

Join Us Sept. 12th For Going Away Party For Ricky Morgan In Winona KS At Noon CSDT. Ricky Is Moving To Missouri. Will Have More When Gets Closer!

Lake Scott Rod Run

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