We along with Spainhowers went to Watkins for the Warbirds Classic. It was a benifit for Veterans and Fallen Hero's. The setting was kind of a pain as there was no shade and asphalt everywhere. We got there early and the cars just kept coming, by the end I think was over 110 cars and probably 20 airplanes. My favorite was the P51 Mustang but there was several cool ones also. The cars ranged from Model A's to Aston Martins but was a lot of cool ones. There was a Cobra that had a Coyote engine with a blower all stuffed under the hood that made my day. There was a lot of people walking threw looking at all the cars and planes. Once again the skunk did his best to try and meet new people. About noon they started the air show which was cool to watch. The P51 drew a lot of on lookers as it took off. The sound of the supercharged engine was a awesome sound. All in all it was a good show and was nice to see all the history with the old planes.

Marie's Choice

Cheyenne Wells Car Club

The first thing I have to say is if you care and work you butt off you can have one hell of a show. Mark and Sheila this is for you, awesome! You put on a great show but then the Kids along with you put a lot of work into the gathering after the show. From the last few years to this what a turn around. I would like to think it was the music but then Dan and Dustin would say it was the job they did of announcing or Cory's parking job so will leave the success to Mark and Sheila. From the number of cars to the amount of people mostly Scott City playing the games was great. A number of people came to check out the cars from Dighton and that was good to see. Again thank you and awesome job, maybe Simply Sheilas can start doing car shows! Hell yea I'm there. But seriously there was a lot of great cars with Amie yes Amie Sharp winning Best of Show, sorry I voted for Ike! But we love you Jay and it's a nice pickup and if it would smoke the tires I'm down but till then watch the wake! Next once again a few gifts made it around which I'm happy to say are a lot of fun and show what great friends we have. Ikenberry showed with his latest car and wow, the paint, stance and over all class is over the top. The word got out as there was several cars I've never seen. Was good to see Jake had his 37 out, I was worried he had to sell it. Once again a young lady told Jack his car was purple but he still won't face the facts. I'm not sure how long it will take to return to normal as there was 9 Horsesasses there. The skunk made the trip and scared a few people as usual but then the kids wore him out. Sorry no pictures of Ava this time. Hope I don't get any calls when a kid brings home a stray black cat. After the show there was a few cars that cleaned out their pipes trying to keep up with a white 58 Chevy. From there we went to the Vonleonrods house for some awesome snacks and beer plus some laughs. When we left Mike made us go to the Blue Bird with him. We must of hit there on the cleaning day because we kind of liked it. There is a bar in Denver we visit from time to time that could be worse, I guess we are used to upholstery repair kits that come in a roll like some grey tapes! Lets make the 20th even bigger than this years, see you there.

Beth and I made the trip to Trenton for the dam car show. We wiped it off and set out the chairs then went to Mark and Sheilas trailer and drank a few beers. We went back to the show and after looking at the cars decided it was to hot and went to the bar for the rest of the show. Rat Rod Randy showed up and did my voting so we didn't have to go back out in the heat. After the awards we visited a little longer then went across the dam and said hi to Shirley before heading home.

Lane County Cruise In

We went to the Thin Air Nationals along with the Arlnold's and Sharp's. The trip started off rough when Jack's car wouldn't start at Jay and Amies. They made it to CW where we could put it on a lift and find the problem. Jack had a hard time finding a starter till he told the parts person the car was blue. The trip was quit a drive with the temps going as high as 103 on the way to the Springs. We decided to find supplies for the weekend and that turned out to be another adventure as it was still around 100 degrees. We finally made it to our house and proceeded to get rid of some of the blood in our alcohol stream. The next morning we made the short drive to Green Mountain Falls under a lot cooler weather. There was over 200 cars at the show this year and parking was tight. We got everything cleaned up and had a great breakfast and Bloody Mary at a small diner there. Once again the skunk made some new friends in his special way. Once again we didn't do any good at the awards but we did get rained on again, think thats part of that show. Beth and I went and got more supplies as the others went back to the house, on the way back to the house the skies opened up again. When it stopped raining we cooked up some Filets and potatoes that turned out amazing. We sat around the table and visited for hours having a great time. After we went to bed the dogs next door went nuts, turns out we had a visitor that night. It seems a Bear like the way our garbage smelled and decided to check it out.

We lost a wonderful lady earlier this year. Her husband Dennis and daughter Shelly and Shelly's family picked Dennis Frick's street rod as Marie's Choice. Later I was talking to Dennis and found another reason that made the pick perfect. It wasn't the same without her but I bet she was smiling down on us from above. She may be gone but will always be in our hearts and will never be forgotten. You are truly missed!

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