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We traveled to Winona April 17th to spend some time with Jack and El and the rest of our family before they leave to be closer to their first family. I'm happy for them but will miss them when its final! We have spent a lot of time together. They have always been there for us through the fun times and the hard times. For the short time I've known them we have become more than just friends to Beth and I as I know they have been with all of you! We have been on a lot of trips together from Nashville to Scottsdale and places in between. KU vs OSU basketball games to shows in the mountains an will remember them all and never forget them. My favorite was a trip to Stillwater that was one of El's favorites as the KU team stayed in the same hotel as us. She got her picture taken with every KU player on the team. El went up to the room and coach Self came down the elevator and she missed him. When we told her that she really didn't believe us. I took El to the workout room where he was and talked her into going in and talking to him. He stopped and talked to her and I'm sure he remembers the day like I do. I could fill pages with stories but just want to say they are special to Beth and I! We will miss the trips to different shows with them and the visits we shared. It's going to be different looking in the mirror and not seeing the Astro Blue Chevy in the mirror but they will be at the shows in our hearts. The times we all had with them were as special as they are! Thank you Jack and El and we love you! By the way Jack the car is Purple! Enjoy those Grandbaby's and we will see you and that's a promise!  

Kenny Snow

Kevin Giedd

The man that built this amazing car was Kevin Giedd. Kevin along with his Wife Kathy showed both of them with pride and if you were lucky enough to see them you would understand why. Kevin was an amazing man that did everything to perfection. He restored everything from guns to cars with a lot of other interests. Kevin bought an old helicopter and brought it back to life. He didn't have any lessons but that didn't stop him. He tethered it down behind the dealership he worked at and fired it up. As the story went he got it off the ground but not back down gracefully. From what I was told it came down kind of on it's side! He always was doing something, he built a 1948 Cushman with a side car, 30 some Ford, lot of gas pumps, soda machines and a 22 cal. Gatling Gun. Needless to say all of them were amazing as he was a perfectionist. When Kevin was in school he lived across the road from me in the country for quit a few of those years. We rode horses and motorcyles together and went on camping trips to where the original town of Cheyenne Wells was before it was moved because of the Railroad. It was only about half mile from our homes. Kevin will be missed by all that knew him and mostly the people that he called friends! I'm proud to say I was one of them! Kevin left us to soon as he was one a year older than me but if you think about it everyone we loss turns out to be to soon!

We lost Kenny Snow on April 15th 2021. Kenny was one of the happiest and friendliest people I ever meet. When it came to a show and Kenny came up to you he always had a smile and was genuinely was happy to see you. From the first time I met Kenny to the last time I seen Kenny he always greeted me with a smile and a hand shake and just made me feel special in some way. I last seen Kenny on the Saturday before he passed and he was the first to greet me and I'm going to miss that as I'm sure a lot of you feel the same way. It's not going to be the same going to shows knowing he won't be there to greet us. Kenny was always thinking of the Scott City Show to the end. He was excited about the upgrades planned at the park and talked about it and was excited to see things were getting done. I want to thank Amy Sharp that told me something that helps with his loss. Kenny will be with his sweetheart Jackie who we lost last July. I told a good friend that show people are a family and it's true! When you see everyone threw out the summer you form a bond and become family and Kenny made you feel that way. It was a shock when I learned of Kenny's passing and everyone I spoke to said the same thing. It's not going to be the same not seeing him at the shows anymore! We might not see him with our eyes but will see him with our hearts! We will miss you Mr. Snow but will always have you in our thoughts and hearts! God bless you Kenny!

Most people don't know the builder of this car but they know him by is 1916 Harley Motorcycle. I'm in the process of getting picture of him and his bike.‚Äč

I found this picture of Kenny and felt it was the right one because he always came to visit and just see how we were doing!

Jack And El Friends And Family For Ever

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