Saturday In The Park

 We made the trip to Loveland for the Blue Light Special. They had a total of 721 cars enter for the three days. I don't think I've seen so many trailer queens other than the Street Rod Nationals. They park on the hill but the real cars parked on the grass. The Cooks from Lamar and Greeley along with Elmer Grett joined us for the fun. If you have a favorite car chances are it was their. Everything from Lincoln street rods to Nash's ( be careful the King of Nash's might corner you). If you liked 59-60 El Caminos this was the show for you as 5 of them lined up on the grass. Jack would of been proud as a car was squirting people as Beth and McKenna ( our granddaughter found out). McKenna went back and checked with her face. 57 Chevys seemed to be the car of choice for awards as they ended up with 4 out of 10. Not sure if we will go back but we along with the skunk did have a good time. The skunk made several people scream and one lady ran about ten yards before she stopped, glad looks can't kill. We had to laugh when a woman read the saying on the back of Ron's car. She must not of liked it because she stuck her tongue out at it (maybe she smelled a turd). Ron got some pin stripping done and it looked good but I wish he would of took my artistic vision and done it (it would of been stunning). Once again the trip wasn't without car issues as the street rod decided to keep dying when you came to a corner and Elmer's car developed the same bad habit. Hopefully we will have the street rod back on the road soon because Beth would rather drive it than try and keep the soft spoken person in line when we are away from home.

Beth and I made the trip to Norton for there car show Saturday. They started with some things on Friday, you could take your car to the Show Hall to have a picture taken. It was cool as the neon lights made a great back drop for the cars. Saturday we made our way to the Courthouse for the show. It started slow but by the end they had 97 cars, tractors and bikes. Great turnout for a year when most car shows numbers have been down. The HAs had a good showing as 6 of the cars entered were theirs. I think it was a first as everyone of their cars placed and our fearless leader took home a specialty award also. Several of us got together out of the heat and it was amazing the problems that can be solved when all 6 HAs and some future HAs put their heads together. I think we are ready to lead when needed. Mother nature threw them a curve ball when rain a couple nights ago made it so they had to cancel the drags. Congrats for a great show on a slow year. Mark it on your calendar for next year, you won't be disappointed you came. Maybe next year we will bring the skunk with us to make new friends for him to play with and the Chevelle will make the trip so we have more room.

Thin Air Nats.

Grinnell KS

r Club Meeting: November 12th - 6:30pm

Rick Pelton's Shop

We would love to have you attend. Potluck dish (Deli Sandwiches). BYOB.

I went to Holly on the 29th for their second show, they had a good turn out as the final number was 67 cars and bikes. The day started off cold but once the sun came out everyone was looking for shade. The quality of cars was really good and the crowd seemed to really like them. There was a good showing of HAs at the show and was good the see Roger show up from Goodland( he was the first honorary HA). The skunk made his way to Holly and for some reason a lot of people looked like they smelled a stink pickle when he rolled out to greet them. The show was a short one but it gave plenty of time for good conversation and some good ribbing. Jack found a new way to check to height of the curbs but I don't think his way is the best way to do it. Luckily he didn't hurt the curb or bumper so that is good as we didn't want to see him cry like a little fat girl. It's hard to believe but the quiet spoken Chevelle owner was on his best behavior and didn't leave any marks around town which might of been a first. We decided to go to Syracuse for dinner after the show and came up on a group of cars with once again a car in trouble. this year has been hard on cars. One thing about having a hitch for my luggage trailer as I was able to pull him off the highway. Jack thought they was going to see a car go about 100 yards in 1.9 seconds to get off the hiway but I was good once again. Well I think this will do it for shows this year so now its cruise in time. Hope everyone can make it to at least a few of them as they are a good time.

Blue Light Special

Lamar Days Rod Run

We made the trip to Tribune for the June Jaunt car show. They only had 20 cars but we still had a blast. The day started out really windy but it finally went down and was a great day. Once again several HAs showed up and had fun joking and just hanging out. The numbers were down again but it made so everyone got a plaque. The lady's running the show did a nice job with the show and really did a good job of making sure we had a good time. After the show we went back to Arnold's to visit and share in more laughter. But the best think all day was seeing El come to the show and at her home.

June 16th we went to Dighton Ks. for their show. Beth and I went over early and had breakfast with Mark and Sheila Vonleonrod and their family. The wind was strong but luckily it didn't get real hot so it wasn't to bad. They had 32 cars and that wasn't to bad since numbers have been down this year and their was several shows close by to compete with. As far as the cars you will have a hard time finding nicer cars than they had make the drive. The Chamber did a nice job of taking care of us with a free Shirt, meal and some nice door prizes. If you like homemade ice cream then that was the place to be as two ladies had a lot of different flavors. Snickers seemed to be the favorite flavor. Mark was a great host taking anyone that wanted to go look at their nice cars and all the treasures he has collected over the years. They didn't have their newest cars at the show but we will see them later in the year. The skunk made his way out of the trunk to play with the Vonleonrod grandkids, not sure if teaching kids to chase and play with skunks is smart but was fun to watch. When we left the show a red Chevelle driven by a quiet soft spoken guy left a couple marks around town. After the show Vonleonrods opened their home for everyone to come visit and have some snacks. I want to thank Mark and Sheila for inviting all of us over and for the great snacks it was great. Hopefully we can keep our smaller shows like this show because it's nice to go to with good people and better friends.

‚Äč2018 Car Shows

39th Lake Scott Rod Run

We went to St. Francis Saturday for the Saturday in the park car show. The weather wasn't very good but we made it and had a great time. The Cruisers had a great turnout for the weather they had, I don't know the final number but would say all total they had around eighty entries. The club has several new younger members and that is good to see because without mew members shows will struggle. They had a burnout pit, motorcycle rodeo and tractor rodeo to go along with the show. It was good to see some new cars come to a local show, was a sweet Bronco from Arvada and a nice 63 Impala that won Best of Show from North Platte and Mike Possom had his little black coupe. All three cars could of won Best of Show at any show no matter how many cars are there (pictures of all three are below). Was to cold out for the skunk but we had fun visiting with people about the cars and with some old friends we haven't seen in long time. It was good to see that the values of property in St. Francis will be higher as 5 horsesasses made the trip and as usual there was lot of story telling and good times. We went down and checked out the motorcycle museum and was very impressed, they have 118 rare bikes in there now and growing. I would hate to think about value of some of the bikes, we was told that a frame for a bike sold not long ago for $45,000 and they have a complete bike not just the frame. If you like bikes or just some awesome history I think you won't find a better place than St. Francis and their Museum. Make a day trip and check it out because they have put a great place for everybody to visit and see things that most people don't have on display. Congrats to Cheyenne County Cruisers for another great show and hope to see you there next year. A certain red car left his mark when he went home, might have to start a go fund me to buy him a set of tires.


First I want to congratulate Ron & Lonna on a great show. With the weather being not very good for a show they had a great turn out. Second two new HA's got crowned as Jay & Amy Sharp's life's have been changed for ever. I'm not sure but possible there may have been the most HAs at a show in Colo. in history. The weekend started on a sour note when the sky opened up Friday night at the no booze cruise. After the weather cleared and was clear to continue most everybody returned to enjoy the cruise to raise funds for the Fire Dept. Charlie Cook had the best hand and showed a lot of class as he donated the winnings back (he is pictures below in a Fox shirt). After the cruise Friday night we went to the Cook's shop for some sandwiches and good conversation. The kids showed up later with burgers from BJs Burgers, they say you have to eat there when in Lamar so i will give them a try next time. The group was a mix of the Cook Families and some good friends enjoying some stories and a lot of laughter.Then Saturday started cold and rainy but it dried out and the cars showed up. With 83 cars and 26 bikes it was a great show. The clouds gave way to sun and soon the crowd showed up to check out the cars. I want to say this has to be the best town to take your car for a show as the town really turns out to see the cars. The cars ranged from the 1920's to present and wild one of a kinds to original classics. Along with the usual events of the show the Cook's passed around a get well card for a terrific lady that is a little under the weather showing that the people that love to show cars are really a family (we miss you El). The blow up car lasted a lot longer than last year but at 53 seconds it didn't take long to die. After the awards were handed out all the car owners are treated to a BBQ meal, they had sausage, brisket and pork tenderloin to go with all the sides. Once again I want to thank the Cook's for a great weekend and hope to see everybody next year.

Norton Classic Cruisers 15th Annual Car Show

Arnold's, Sharp's Cook's along with Beth and I made the drive to Green Mountain Falls for the Thin Air Nats. The day started off great, was nice and cool with no wind. Started little unorganized when a Moron was parked where the show was supposed to be but after they let us move he was gone and we began out cleanup. The crowd started slow but it built as the day went on. We talked about it and decided it was one of the best attended by the locals we have been to. Not sure why people think a car show is a great place for dogs but maybe they think hot asphalt is the best place for them. The Skunk and Jack's squirter made some new friends as the day went on. Jack used his squirter to do some science, wanted to see if the cops there had a better outlook than the ones in Eads. He found the cops in the mountains don't get as mad as the ones in Eads when you squirt them. We got informed that Skunks don't come out in the day but they do at night. I guess not everyone knew that because I think we scared a record number of people with him. The weather held off till the awards when it decided to rain but wasn't too bad. Ron and Lonna walked away with two awards for their Nash Wagon, Favorite 10 and Lady's Choice. Congrats great job guys! The final number of entries was 174, with the rumours of a fire being real close they had a pretty good turn out. When we left the Chevelle couldn't do his normal departure because was little to slick so guess will have to make up for it next time. I think we will be going back, maybe will see you there.

I wasn't able to make the show Saturday but I did go to Scott for the awards and to see some good friends.The usual group was there with 3 earning Top20 honors Jack Arnold, Kenny Poe and Verlin Wagner. I wanted let Jake know I'm not as old as my white hair looks. I was glad he thought of me when he talked about the young rodders award, guess I've made a big impact on his life. I felt bad when I learned that Jack had some lady's pick on him but I bet he loved it. He got thrown so far off his game he didn't even think to us his squirter, he said it was because a certain quiet soft spoken person wasn't there. It was good to see Mark and Sheila, Kenny, Charlie, the lovely Lois (one very special lady), Phil, Tom (the latest HA's) and to many others to name them all. The world travelers made it back and I want to thank Jake and the Gill's Chuck and Dee, it was fun watching their Reno trip unfold. I was told the free meal was really good, hats off to Mr. Butts its hard to cook when rain showers come. The final number of cars was 160 and for a year that most shows have been down in numbers the Lake Scott Club can be proud. I hope to see everybody next year for the 40th Rod Run. I shouldn't have any weddings next year. Maybe I can save Jack from all the abuse even if he deserved it (I'm betting money he did).

Holly Gateway Classic Car Show

Cheyenne Wells Car Club

We made the trip to Grinnell for their after harvest celebration. It was a god time with lots of people checking out the cars. We got parked and The Kerrs let us setup on their lawn, what a great couple as they joined us under the canopy. Vince told us about his time in the service and we really enjoyed his stories. His wife Katharine was a very fun lady also and I want thank them both. They had 27 entries total and the quality was great. The weather was little humid but not bad over all, had shade for a lot of the day. The skunk made some new friends and a few enemies by some of the looks he got. He even got some old friends from past shows that let their guard down as they looked at all the cars. Three HAs made the trip to brighten the day of everyone we had contact with. When the awards came around they Sharps from Sharon Springs ended up best of show. It could be the first time best of show went to a pickup with a boat motor. Hope to see more come to Grinnell next year as the money they make goes to a scholarship fund. There is no better reason to support a show than that. As we left the quiet spoken gentleman in his Chevelle made sure everyone knew he was leaving. See you next year I hope!

Dighton Chamber Car Show

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