Goodland, KS at Crazy R's

October 18, 2014

12:30 MST

Meet us there or come to a meeting stop - C&K, Cheyenne Wells 11:15; 27/40 Store 11:45

Hope to see you there - good food, great conversation and a fantastic time!!!!!

Drive In's  Still Happening - watch the website for the next event!!!

Come Join the FUN!!

6th Drive In - April 12, 2014

Eads, Co - K&H Ranchhouse

A beautiful day for a drive had by all who attended. Good meal, great laughs and lots of fun.

Attending was Rick & Bonnie Morgan, Ed & Sandy Spainhower, Jack & El Arnold, Charlie & Lois Modlin, Rick & Beth Pelton. We all look forward to the 2014 Car Show Season.

5th Drive In - March 8, 2014

Sharon Springs, KS - Stephen's

After postponing/rescheduling a great time was had by all.

4th Drive In - January 25, 2014

 Lamar, CO - Becky's Restaurant

Great Event, great conversation that was well attended. Thank you to all who participated.

It was a great mini Car Show!!

3rd Drive In - October 26, 2013

To Goodland, KS - Crazy R's

It was great being a part of the parade of great rides arrive in Goodland, KS.

Great food, Great time visiting, renewing friendships and telling Great Stories!

Thank you to all that attended.

2nd Drive In - September 21, 2013

Flagler, CO I-70 Diner

Jeff & Gloria Challis, Paul & Patty Murphy, Rick & Bonnie Morgan and Rick & Beth Pelton

1st Drive In

Burlington, Co - The Post

Ed & Sandy Spainhower, Carelton Pelton, Sam Mitchek and Rick & Beth Pelton

Crazy R's -  Goodland, KS
1st Drive in for 2015 is to took place
November 14, 2015
Great Friends!!!

Tribune, KS Drive In- wonderful turn out, almost 45 in attendance. Fun, Funny Gifts and lots of laughs were had by all.

Lots of us enjoyed lunch in Oakley on March 24th, lots of local cars along with several who drove from Sharon Springs, Tribune and Cheyenne Wells. Fun had by all.

                                                    Pictures from Garden City Cruise In               

If you are interested in hosting a Drive In in the off season, please email us through the "Contact Information" tab.

Goodland - Shriraz Drive In - Complete Success. There were almost 60 in attendance. A parade through town to finish the fun. Thank you to Randy & Shirley Raile for organizing the event.

20 Show for Drive in at Sharon Springs, KS on January 24th for a great meal, great conversation & PIE!!!

Cars Owners from Cheyenne Wells, Sharon Springs, Scott City, Goodland & Colby

Cheyenne Wells Car Club

In February, we met in Tribune at the Trench and enjoyed a mexican dinner. We were low in numbers, but still had a great time.

In December, we met at Jay & Amie's shop and enjoyed a cream can dinner, lots of fun, laughs and some prizes for dart throwing.

The Drive in at Scott City, KS was a wonderful success, 41 people from Colorado and Kansas enjoyed the great weather, great food and great conversations

Tribune, KS on December 13th. WOW - Great Turnout. Cars and Car Owners from Garden City, Scott City, Tribune, Sharon Springs, Eads and Cheyenne Wells. There was great food, great drinks and fabulous conversation between great friends.

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